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On Finding the Story Within

In General Information, The Craft of Writing on September 28, 2009 at 5:49 pm

I thought I’d pass along an experience I had when speaking to a successful writer I met a seminar last week.

I was at the writers’ group listening to a seminar when one of the presenters was asked how did she, the speaker, go about starting a novel? Her answer was, “to begin with a paradox .”

My mental capabilities jumped on that idea with a profound, “Huh?” I must not have been the only blank stare in the room as she smiled in that way teachers do with their students and explained what it was she meant. The impetus for her first book started when she asked herself why was it the she always wanted those things she knew she could never have.

Her thought that specific day, (long before her writing success), was why she didn’t have the perfect job, the right guy, enough money, and all those other things she wanted but felt she would never see in life. From there, she related that to how woman in general tend look for those things they know they can’t have and from there her first successful novel blossomed.

So, is there a paradox in your life? Maybe that book will flow from it.

Good writing.



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