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The 10 Secrets to Twitter Success

In Marketing Your Book on October 7, 2009 at 1:18 pm

The rise is Twitter as a social networking tool is undeniable. But how is one to use this marvelous new tool? The basic secrets are simple and in this article, I’ll outline them for you. 1. First and foremost, pick your Twitter name. This is a major aspect of your brand and people need to identify with it. This simple act, if done right, gives people a feeling of trust from the outset. Mine is the name under which I write my novels, CPatrickSchulze. You can use whatever, but make it relevant to your tweets. After all, how much sense would it make for Joe’s Sub Shoppe to advertise under Maxine’s Mufflers?

2. Post a recent photo or avatar that represents you. Keep in mind this is your logo, if you will. Coke has a logo, Jill’s Body Shoppe has a logo and so do you. Develop one, use it and stick to it. Again, like any logo done correctly, it assists in building trust. I use my actual photo. Can’t be more real than that.

3. Stay upbeat. It’s hard for people to enjoy your work if you’re always griping about things. Remember mom’s old adage, “If you can’t say something nice…”

4. Become a specialist. Pick your subject matter and hang on tight. People will follow you if you have something to offer about whatever it is they are interested in. Few will follow if you jump from cooking to body-building to politics to God knows whatever. Yes, you can have some personal comments or even off subject tweets at time, but they are the exception. I’d think at least 85% are on focus.

5. Allow your personality to shine through. If you are a natural comedian, allow your humor to show in your posts. If you’re an engineer, be an engineer in your posts, too. Whoever you are, be that. Fakes are “felt” faster than you type.

6. Save your money. There is no need to hire someone to gain followers for you. If you tweet it, they will come.

7. You are judged by the company you keep. Don’t automatically re-follow. Be selective. Really! How many porn tweeters do you really need as followers? I always check a few followers of those who follow me. If the F2, (follower’s followers), are nutcases, your follower probably is too. (Personally, I’ve got enough of those in my real world I don’t need any more in my World of Tweet.)

8. The hashtag is your friend. Make it simple for others to find you. Learn how to use the hashtag, (#), but do so judiciously.

9. Quote your sources. Don’t take credit for someone else’s thought and efforts. It’s called plagiarism in the real world. In the World of Tweet its Tweetarism.

10. Have a good time. If this is work for you, find something else to do with your time.

There you have it. Ten simple rules for success in the World of Tweet. Best of luck.


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