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The Key to Your Author’s Platform

In Marketing Your Book on October 13, 2009 at 8:06 am

The word, “Platform” is bandied about these days with ease, but few of us really know what it means. Here’s your quick definition and outline.

Your platform is nothing more mysterious then how you get the word out about your book. Pretty simple, huh?

And, reaching your platform is within the capabilities of each of you who read this. After all, you got here by using every skill needed to connect with your platform. All that’s required is a bit of knowledge of how to use the Internet.

Can you send an email? (Check.) Can you write an article? (We are all writers, so, check.) Can you ask a question like, “Will you read my book?” (Check.) Can you use Twitter, Facebook and the like? (Check!) You’re ready.

You can see from the above questions everything that’s necessary. Here’s your list.

Develop an email contact list. Every person you come in contact with is a potential book buyer. Get their email address and keep in contact. There are all sorts of programs for this, such as Constant Contact or even ACT!. (No, I’m not a paid endorser.) Don’t bombard these people with emails, just keep them abreast of major changes in your author’s life.

Write Articles. Like this one, for example. Create a blog, (its FREE), and post your articles. Then market whatever it is you have to offer via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Get Testimonials. You do this by asking people what they think. (Get over yourself and ask for them.) Often, just by reading your articles, they’ll give you testimonials on their own. They leave them in the comment section of your blog. In fact, I’ll ASK you to leave a testimonial when you’re finished reading. Will you do that for me? (Boy, that was sooo easy!)

Think you can do this? Yeah, I think you can to.

I guess you’ve noticed there are no radio interviews listed, no expensive ads required and no wealthy benefactors supporting you. It’s simple, guys. In fact, one VERY successful author told me only 6% of the people who came to his book signings actually came from his ads. 94% came from his social media contact efforts. So, you now have the key. Let’s open some doors.

Best of luck and my all your books be bestsellers!


Author of Born to be Brothers

  1. Thank you so much for this (and other) insightful articles. I’ve recently began working on my platform by creating a website, (shameless plug, I know), and have linked it to my Twitter and Facebook account. I’ve also created a fan page on Facebook for my website. I welcome all visitors, and as Mr. Schulze mentioned in his article, I would love to hear from all visitors. Please visit my comment page or even my forum to discuss anything you’d like.

    May we all one day see each other in print!
    C.M. Holst

    • Dear C. M. Holst.

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad to see your shameless plug passed along. I hope it helps.

      I’m impressed you’ve got such a great handle on your author’s platform and wish you the best of luck with it.

      I love your closing remark: “May we all one day see each other in print.” Wonderful sentiment.

      C. Patrick Schulze

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