This Business of Writing

Meet C. Patrick Schulze

I, as do we all, wear many hats. I’m the father of two wonderful daughters of which one is an actor and an engineer. I could not be more proud of either one. (I’ve been advised there are no longer “actresses” – both genders are actors these days.  *Sigh*)

I am married to the lovely, intelligent and talented Katy. We live in Richmond, VA.

My background is in business, having owned my own business since the tender age of ten when I peddled newspapers on street corners.  Through the intervening years I’ve owned a chain of retail stores, a wholesale printing company, a computer education company and a business coaching organization.

I now work full-time in an effort to make my retirement living with the pen.

I am working on my third manuscript and feel this is my breakout novel. With my first manuscript, I learned to create compelling characters and the use of conflict. My second taught me how to pen that good story onto paper and the power in effective dialogue. My current manuscript has heightened my command of the craft and taught me how to work within the writers’ industry.

I’m on my way, folks. See you on the shelves soon.

  1. I just discovered this site and love your advice, Mr. Schulze. I am a legal secretary and writer trying to finish my first novel, a WW2 type story about a Nazi invasion of the United States. I found your advice about writing good battlefield scenes particularly helpful. Thanks!


  2. […] to C. Patrick Schulze (former business owner-turned blogger): “Some say ‘voice’ cannot be taught, while […]

  3. Bbq’d. Qh

  4. You’ve bitten off a mouth full of work there, haven’t you, Brian? I admire people like you who have so much on their plates but still find the time to write.

    Let me know how your book comes along?



    BTW: I’ve moved this blog to

  5. Please…call me Brian. I’m (trying)writing non fiction about leadership, evolution of self, inner self, growth etc. It’s slow with working full-time, coach training, family etc, but fun still! I read so I can learn to write and I found your info helpful and I could relate to your situation.
    Thanks for putting yourself “out there”
    Coach Brian

  6. Good Luck!!
    I’m an oldie trying to work my way into the coaching field (before I retire) and writing some too, a first book. I found your info. helpful and interesting…keep going! I’ll be back for sure!

    • Good morning, Coach Braudis.

      We have much in common. I just retired from business coaching and I’m an oldie, too.

      Is there a specific article I could research and write for you that might help in your writing journey?

      Thanks for your comment.


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