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Follow Up to: “Why I’ll Self-Publish – Probably.”

In The Craft of Writing on April 8, 2010 at 10:46 am

by C. Patrick Schulze

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Well, “they” say to write controversy and I’ve seemed to stir up a bit with yesterdays’ post on “Why I’ll Self-Publish – Probably.” I had hoped people would comment and offer their insights so as to fill in any gaps I may have missed. Well, I’ve missed one – a big one.

Though I received some lengthy comments, one paragraph from a specific comment is pasted below. This commenter offered me an important angle I had, indeed, missed. That one comment has me rethinking my conclusions. We’ll see.

Her comment:

“One thing that having an agent, publisher, and traditionally published book did for me was to provide me with cachet. That cachet led to many newspaper and magazine interviews, some radio, a local TV thing, and requests from major magazines for a couple of articles. The web site that I built to accompany the books has turned into quite a platform and also a source of modest income. I’m fairly sure that most of the success that I’ve had after publication has come from the fact that I was traditionally published.”

Ah, cachet! Her point is quite well taken. An old saw I believe in says “Image is everything.” Cachet is a strong part of image. Humm…

Anyone have any other thoughts?

As you know, I wish for you only best-sellers.

C. Patrick Schulze
Author of the emerging novel, “Born to be Brothers.”